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     1-800 Contacts      
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1-800 Contacts is truly an outstanding company, with more than 5 million highly satisfied customers and an inventory of more than 20 million contacts in stock. With 1-800 Contacts, you get the best prices, a free case on every web order and free shipping on orders over $50. It doesn’t get any better than this...

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1-800 Contacts
     Discount Contact Lens      
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This is another very good company to buy contact lenses online.
They offer very competitive prices and free shipping on orders
over $89...

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Discount Contact Lens
     AC Lens      
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AC Lens have been serving customers online for 10 successful years.
They have all the major brands of contact lenses and offer free shipping
on all orders over $89. Save up to 70% off retail prices...

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Ac Lens
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• Have you seen the commercial for 1-800-CONTACTS and are now searching for discount contact lenses? Or are you just looking for a good website to order contacts online? Either way, you’ve come to the right page because these websites offer all of the above! You can stop spending money on expensive glasses and frames because contacts are the latest fashion for your eyes! They now have them for people with astigmatism! Lose the blurry vision, the constant squinting and headaches and go see your ophthalmologist to see which brand is right for you! The popular ones seem to be: Acuvue, Acuvue Oasis and Focus Night & Day!

• Buying contact lens online can be a smart way to save money but you have to be sure that you are shopping at a trustable place. Our contact lens website review will show you three serious alternative to buy your contacts online.

It doesn't matter if you are looking for acuvue advance toric, acuvue oasis, biomedics 1 day, color contact lens, biofinity contacts. You can buy contacts from all the major brands. Johnson contact lens or Ciba Vision contacts. Buy contacts at these stores have all the popular brands and also the products that are a little bit more difficult to find. Shipping is fast and the prices are really good.

Look carefully and you might find specials on 02 Optix, Fresh Look and Bausch & Lomb products. If you are looking to buy soflens or Proclear 1-day pack, go to any of the three websites and compare their prices, it's that simple!

Buy contacts lens with confidence and save money online. No matter what kind of product (Aqualens, Avaira, Biomedics EP, Choice AB, Flextique, Sterling 55 Aspheric, etc). When you buy lenses at one of these stores, you know you are getting a super deal.

• A 6-month supply of FreshLook Colorblends Toric for less than 200$ is definitely a good deal. Take your prescription information and buy contacts online to save money. It's that simple! O2 Optix for less than 160$ also sounds like a bargain, for a full year supply.

O2 Optix are well known for their comfort and above average oxygen transmissibility because of their silicone hydrogel technology.

If you prefer the Acuvue Bifocals with their UV protection and easy to use features, you can find low prices of less than 280$ for a full year supply. These one to two weeks disposable soft lenses are truly comfortable and their high tech design allows superb vision.

Buy contacts online such as the Biomedics 55 Evolution. It is possible to find the Biomedics 55 Evolution for less than 140$ (quantity for one year). Also known as the Ultraflex II Aspheric, these soft contacts are made of 45% polymer with 55% water content.

• You can save 28$ or more on the entire Acuvue line if you shop at the right place. The 1-day Acuvue Moist 30 pack is getting so popular, probably because of the exceptional comfort and clarity of the vision it gives. Acuvue Advance products are also selling better than ever. Customers prefer buying well-known brands with proven track records. Ciba Vision is also doing well with its Freshlook lenses. The Freshlook Colorblends Toric usually sell at 70$ per box but special discount can by applied for larger quantities.

The Dailies AquaComfort Plus – also by Ciba Vision – get excellent reviews and are competitively priced. These contact lenses have a 31% nelficon content.

The Focus Progressive are made for bifocal users. These soft, 45% polymer contacts lenses can be purchased under 50$ a box, once you find an online store. Let's not forget the Cibasoft and Durasoft lines, also in high demand because of their quality.

• You can also find the cheapest price for Biomedics 55 or Biomedics 38 lenses. Watch for special deals on color lenses such as Freshlook Colorblends. Review the websites to purchase contact lens online and start to save every month.

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