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Dating is the one of the first steps towards establishing a relationship – short or long term – between two people.
In order for the relationship to last, the two parties must share enough common interests.

When two people actually go out together, it is the opportunity to learn more about the other person and see if there is a possibility for a more intimate relationship. Dates usually take place in public places, like a restaurant, movie theater, etc.

However, before this first date, people must find a way to meet someone. This process can be organized or purely accidental.
But in most cases, people end up going on a date after meeting the other person in a bar, through internet dating websites, after a third party recommended a friend.

Also, many work relationships evolve and turn into dating. But in all cases, the dating phase must be a success before any relationship can evolve into an intimate relation. The notion of compatibility is very important.

People looking for short term, mostly physical relationships will not have the same criteria for finding a partner as those hoping for a deeper, long term love. The best way to find out if there is compatibility with someone is to ask many questions to find out if the other person has similar objectives. Adult dating site.

Short term relationships will focus mostly on appearance, physical attraction. Is the other person attractive to me and does the other person feels the same way about me? Do we have the same expectations? Do we want the same level of intimacy and freedom? Club dating and dating tips.

To establish a long term relationships is much more complex. Physical appearance is still important but there are many, many other aspects to consider as well. During the dating phase, people determine if the other person has the same values, similar long term goals for life (family, marriage, work, etc) and most of all, must feel comfortable together and feel happy in the presence of that person.

The dating stage may last only a few days or weeks but in some cases the courtship can last for years. Before making a commitment, both parties must feel ready before they decide to move any further.

It is true that in some part of the world, dating can be eliminated altogether. In some countries – mostly Eastern societies – arranged marriage are still organized by the parents. Lower divorce rates tend to prove that it is a successful solution although it can be debated if these couples are truly happy.

There are some who say that internet dating can be a replacement for actual dates. With internet dating, it is possible to chat, exchange pictures, see the other person with the use of a webcam, etc. However, meeting someone in person is always the next step in order for relationships to grow into something more serious.

The dating world is getting more and more complex with time. More options are offered to people, which is always helpful. Whether it is in a blind date, through a dating agency, personal ad, online dating services, 8 minute speed dating, a double date, using a matchmaker, or bluedating. The choice is open to fit your needs and personal style.


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