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Dog Training

Dog training is often necessary to get good behavior from your favorite animal. It all depends on the goals of the owner and the personality of his dog.

Most dogs will need a certain adaptation to coexist with humans even if most breeds are very sociable. Whether your dog is an Alaskan Husky, Dalmatian, Poodle, Bulldog or Dobermann, there is always something to learn in order to achieve good behavior.

The owners are usually looking for obedience training in order to have better control of some of the basic behavior of the dog. You may want your dog to walk alongside you – leash training - when going outside or have the ability to ask your dog to sit on command.

Maybe it could be to stop bad behavior from your Chihuahua, Picardy Spaniel or Pit Bull. Some dogs may be overexcited and jump on your guests as they arrive at your home. Or it could be incessant barking or chewing on your furniture. You will want your dog to be housebroken.

When training your dog for a specific command, it is recommended to always use the same short, simple word along with the command and give positive reinforcement whenever the goal is reached. Whether you have a Shepherd dog, German Pinscher, French bulldog puppy or Shar-Pei or any other kind of dog, do not forget to give a reward if it responds positively to your command. With time, your dog will remember that your command is rewarded so it will usually obey without any problems.

One other thing to remember: each breed of dogs has different personalities and cannot be expected to behave the same way. Some breeds will bark more than others, some will show more leadership, others will be more aggressive, etc. Having an Irish Wolfhound, Boston Terrier, Koolie or St. Bernard is very different experience. It is strongly advised to ask a specialist before getting a new dog, to make sure that your expectations and lifestyle will fit well with the dog you choose.

There are also other reasons to train your dog. Maybe your dog is a hunting dog and needs to accomplish certain tasks. Or some dogs such as the Newfoundland, St. Bernard will need to learn about their role as a rescue dog. Labrador Retriever might become guide dogs and will need long training before helping blind people.

Other people might one to show how smart their dog is by showing them some tricks. Or others might want to focus on the beauty of their pet by giving them the training to participate in competitive obedience contest, organized by organisations such as the Australian Shepherd Dog Club of America (ASCA), the American Kennel Club (AKC) or United Kennel Club (UKC).

Other kind of canines: Bulldog, American Mastiff, Australian Terrier and others you like such as Miniature Fox Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, Mountain Burmese and Old Danish Pointer. Please let’s not forget the Basset hound, Chow chow, Dobermann and Golden Retriever.

While it is known for its speed the Greyhound is not necessarily more popular than the Sheepdog, Labrador retriever, Mastiff and Otterhound. Small or large size is a question of taste and these ones are not any different: Pekingese, Pomeranian, Red setter. A good watch dog but angry dog behavior problems. Canine training tips. Dog obedience tips. Good dog training.

Sit, Stay and No are the basic commands but with time you can train your dog to do much more than that. With patience and proper techniques, it will make the relationship with your dog much more enjoyable.


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