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     Sit Stay Fetch      
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This is another excellent e-book on how to successfully train your dog. Very complete, easy to read with clear explanations. A very good alternative for those who find our number one pick to be over their budget...

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How to sucessfully train your dog
     Dove Cresswell’s Dog Training Online      
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Dove Cresswell’s reputation is second to none, having trained dogs for many movies and television commercials. She has developed proven techniques to train dogs for every day situations...

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Trained dogs for many movies and television commercials
     Dog Training Zone      
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Dog Training Zone is a simple, easy to understand course on how to train your dog. The lessons are straight to the point and focus on fast results. A very good step-by-step guide for dog training...

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Train your dog
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• Are you looking for online dog training tips? Are you having trouble teaching your dog to sit, stay or fetch? Well, these dog training sites will give you all the online tips you need! You won’t ever have to use that muzzle or dog harness again! Dogs make great pets; you just have to let these sites prove it to you! And once you’re done with these sites, your dog will be so obedient; you’ll never have to use a leash again! You might want to stock up on dog treats, though! He’ll be house trained so you can forget about dog training schools! Just get him a nice, new collar and a nice grooming and you’ll have the ideal dog!

• And the 2008 Hero Dog is… Maya! Maya was chosen for this award not only because she saved her owner’s life from an attacker, but because she’s living proof not all Pit Bulls are bad dogs. She was extremely well trained! Her owner was being choked to death, until Maya came and fought him away. Thanks to Maya, the man was who attacked her owner was caught and convicted!

• Pet owners who have german shepherds will agree. There are so many different breeds of dogs, such as the collie, Labrador retriever, cocker spaniel or smaller size such as the bichon frise or poodle. It doesn't really matter, you must adapt to their own personality and learn how to train them properly. A nice coat, shiny eyes, healthy attitude but also too much barking and biting?

Our dog training reviews will give you the answers you are looking for. No more frustration with a lovable but slightly out of control puppy or even an adult one. We have made these dog training reviews especially for you and your pet. These great animals can learn so take the time to check our dog training review. After that, you, your friends and neighbours will be thankful that your Labrador is finally more obedient.

• The trick for housebreaking are not too easy to master but with our dog training guides you will learn all of these techniques. The bulldog training tips are not the same as for other dogs. If you have a German Sheppard or another breed, you will learn specific tricks. However, canine psychology applies for all dogs. Biting or barking are bad habits but it depends what your objectives are. A hunting dog will not react the same as other species.

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