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Fishing is the activity of catching fish from either a river,
lake or the sea. Fishing can be a commercial activity or can
also be practiced as a sport.

Humans have been fishing for food for since ancient times. Proof of fishing by humans dates back to at least 10,000 years and for the past 5,000 years, the first signs of modern fishing techniques were discovered.

There are many fishing techniques, some more popular than others. Fishing using a net is a widely used method, especially for commercial fishing. Nets are usually made with nylon and can have various sizes, often between 5 to 30 meters.

Fishing lines are also very popular fishing technique. The fishing line uses a hook to capture the fish. Recreational fishing is often done with a fishing rod and line, fitted with a fishing reel. The hook usually has a fishing lure or bait to attract the fish. This technique is referred to as angling, because of the shape of fishing hooks.

Many kind of fish are subject to recreational fishing. Salt water fish such as marlin, tuna, salmon and swordfish are popular examples. Bass, bluegill, catfish, trout, sunfish, walleye and perch are common fresh water examples.

People who enjoy recreational fishing must choose between the use of natural baits or artificial baits. Natural baits are usually made up of worms, minnows, insects or shrimps (in salt water fishing) while artificial baits are made to resemble natural baits or uses bright colors and reflective material to attract fish.

Ice fishing is a popular winter activity in countries such as Canada, Russia and many Scandinavian countries. Ice fishing is also done in the Northern states of United States and in Alaska. When lakes a frozen, holes are made through the ice using an auger in order to fish, using a fishing line with a hook and bait. Usually, a small fish house – or ice hut - is installed around the fishing holes so people can stay relatively warm and comfortable despite the cold weather. There is always the danger of ice breaking. The ice must be at least 5 inches thick in order to be safe for people to walk on the surface and at least a foot for vehicle to stand on it.

In today’s environment-conscious society, there is more pressure for the catch and release approach to fishing. The fishing enthusiasts are asked to help keep the fish population intact (or at least as much as possible) by releasing their prey after it is captured. In order for the fish to survive, hooks must be barbless or at least permit un-hooking quickly and with minimal damage to the fish. Survival rates are in order of 85-90% when properly done, Alaska fishing and lodging and Arizona fishing spot.

Black bass is one of the most sought-after fishing activity in North America. Specialized equipment especially made for this kind of fish – which includes largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, spotted bass, Peacock bass, Australian bass and Guadalupe bass (also known as Texas trout) bass fishing guide, bass fishing information.

The fishing gear includes fishing rods, lines, specialized boats and depth / fish-spotting equipment. Black bass is a pastime and sport in North America but also in many other part of the world.

Fly fishing is also a very important part of recreational fishing. Fly fishing – where fish are attracted with the use of artificial flies as bait at the end of a fly fishing line. The fly fishing rods are longer than regular spin fishing rods. Two main categories of fly fishing are dry-fly fishing, where the bait floats at the surface and wet-fly fishing where the bait sinks in the water. Fly fishing targets fish such as trout, salmon, bass, carp and even salt water fish such as redfish and tarpon.

Well-known destinations Alaska fishing and lodging for fly fishing include Silver Creek in Idaho, Green River in Utah, Blue Rivers and South Platte in Colorado, Guadalupe Rivers in Texas, River Itchen in England, River Dee in Scotland, Lake Taupo in New Zealand and Red River in Manitoba, Canada.


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